Sunday, April 20, 2008

catch up

I can't believe I left that post up for so long. I have some runs to record, but have zero recollection of them, except for Friday's and this morning's runs.

4/1 - 2.1 mile run
4/2 - 2.1 mile run
4/3 - 3.69 mile walk (reservoir with Catherine)
4/4 - 2.1 mile run, 15 minutes of this terribly annoying Pilates tape that I have no intention of ever repeating.

4/8 - 2.1 mile run
4/9 - 2.1 mile run, 10 minute pilates tape, buns and thighs. (Note: I hate it when exercise tapes call my ass 'buns,' I find it very twee and annoying. Why can't they say ass and thighs?)
4/10 - 2.1 mile run

(Here's where I took a week off smoked a shit load of cigarettes, sunk into a bit of a post vacation depression and drank too much. Yay!)

4/18 - 2.1 mile run, 10 minute pilates tape, ass and thighs (back in the saddle, but it was a ROUGH run. I cursed myself quite a bit for the smoking. Cough.)
4/20 - 2.1 mile run (This morning I put on my sports bras and tennis shoes thinking I would need the extra support for a hung over walk with Lula, but as soon as I stepped outside I realized what I really needed was a good hard run. So I did. And now I feel nice and smug. Which is one of my favorite feelings to feel.)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

And I kicked a kitten*

I'm a little ashamed of something I did on a run last week. I don't know why, but lately I've been feeling a lot of rage on my runs, and in addition to cursing out cars who glide through four way stops or make right handed turns just as I'm about to cross, I flipped off a group of kids. And not teen-ager kids, kid kids. 10 year olds.

To be fair, these kids give me trouble every time I run past their building, one has gone so far as to scream in Lula's face. Why did he do that? Why would you scream in a dog's face? For one, the adults that are 'supervising' the kids are leering and cat-calling every time I run by. For two, they live in a building that looks almost identical to mine, and my apartment is tiny, I can't imagine they have much space in theirs, so they're spilling out onto the street. For three, they don't know any better. No one told them it's dangerous to fuck with dogs you don't know, and even more dangerous to fuck with their owners.

So last week, I was running by, just warming up, so I was going at an easy pace, and one of the boys started yelling, "Andalé, andalé," which normally I would have found funny, but I had walked Lula by them a few minutes earlier and they had tried to hit me with their jump rope. I had had enough. So I raised my hand over my head in a one fingered salute and continued on my way.

Now I just avoid their building, crossing to the other side of the street before I get there and crossing back after I've passed. It's not convenient, but I seriously can't stand the little fuckers. Especially when there's another group of kids a few buildings closer to me that always, ALWAYS make way when I'm running down the side walk and always ask politely if they can pet Lula before they reach out to touch her. Ever since I've made the change, my runs have been super fun and pleasant again, and nary a finger was raised to flip.

3/24/08 - 3 mile walk, .64 mile jog

3/25/08 - 2.1 mile run
10 minute pilates buns and thighs

3/26/08 - 2.1 mile run

3/27/08 - 2.1 mile run

3/28/08 - 3 mile walk, .64 mile jog
10 minute pilates buns and thighs

3/29/08 - 2.1 mile run

3/31/08 - 2.1 mile run
7 sets lunges

*I would never kick a kitten.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Bruised knees and ego

I went for a horrible run tonight. I felt sluggish and off the whole way. I always sprint my last block and a half and tonight just as I fell out of pace I caught my foot on one of the many cracks in the sidewalk and took a gigantic fall. A lady walking by tried to help by telling me to be careful. A little late, lady, a little late.

I'm icing my knees and hoping my old body can recover.

2.1 miles

walk 3.69 miles

2.1 miles

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Daylight Savings Time

DST plus a 15 minute early departure from work made it possible for me to run in the actual dusk, which meant everyone and their vicious dog was out for a stroll.

I'm getting a little bitter about dog owners and the dogs they can't seem to control. I'm frustrated because Lula when faced with a dog growling and snarling at the end of a poorly controlled too long leash obviously reacts. I don't know what to do other than run in my old neighborhood.

3/18/08 - 2.1 miles
7 sets lunges
3 sets leg raises

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


There's this dog on our run that is behind a fence with semi wide bars. This dog runs out and chases after us every time we go by. I thought this dog was totally harmless just in for a bit of a chase, but the last two runs I've been on Cujo has reached out and tried to bite Lula, last night he made contact.

I spent the rest of the evening examining Lula's face for puncture wounds and I haven't seen any. I'm sure the dog isn't rabid, I just wish the dog wasn't so vicious. If it happens again, I'm going to have to write a letter, I think. A stern one.

3/14/08 - 2.1 miles

3/17/08 - 2.1 miles

Friday, March 14, 2008

To be honest

I walked a mile each way to the bar. Where I drank and ate a cheese burger and fries. But, it was a mile each way, and I did walk pretty fast because if my neighborhood at 7pm is a little scary, it's super scary at 11pm.

I also went for a not as brisk walk at lunch time. I'm going to try to add that in when weather permits. I hate sitting around sweaty for the rest of the afternoon, so it's going to have to be a miracle summer of cool weather for it to happen often. Fingers crossed!

3/13/08 - 3 miles walk

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Walk in the park

I've been a little bored with running by myself. Words two years ago I never thought I'd hear myself say. So I offered to go running around the reservoir with Catherine to change it up. I'm really familiar with that run, and I feel comfortable enough with my slow pace now not to be embarrassed by running with someone. Catherine did not feel the same way. She has the problem I had two years ago. She doesn't want to run with anyone. So we walked. I needed a little break from the Koreatown.

It was a gorgeous night. The jasmine was so thick in the air, it felt like we were being tricked. All in all, it was great. I hope I can convince her to run it sometime soon.

3/12/08 - 3.7 miles walk